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New iPhone Ads

New iPhone Ads Educate Android Owners About Performance and Security

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May 29, 2017

Apple has been increasing its presence on YouTube in the past few months, uploading video advertisements that do everything from tout the company’s work on accessibility features to encourage Android users into switching to the iPhone. In early May 2017, Apple began a “Life is easier on iPhone” video campaign to highlight some of the best features of Cupertino’s handset. In a new series of iPhone ads released on Memorial Day in the United States, May 29, 2017, Apple is informing Android users on how well other aspects of iOS work.

Convincing Android Users to Switch to iPhone

Convincing Android Users to Switch to iPhone

Getting Android users to switch to iOS has been a major part of Cupertino’s marketing strategy in recent months. Several iPhone ads highlighting features of the handset encourage Android users to move over to iOS. Part of this push is because iPhone sales are currently missing expectations ahead of new handsets expected to be released in fall 2017. In several recent earnings calls with investors, Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted that “stealing” Android users is one area the company expects to draw more iPhone growth from.

Apple has also revamped its web page for users coming over to the iPhone from Android. This site provides information to help convince Android users to switch over to the iPhone. The web page, with the title “Life is easier on iPhone,” provides information about how easy it is to migrate to iOS, as well as details about the usage of the iPhone camera, performance, and ease of use. The page also discusses Apple’s commitment to privacy, the benefits of Messages, and Apple’s customer care support. Finally, Cupertino’s microsite lets users know how to switch at an Apple Store, informs them about Apple’s commitment to the environment, and another round of encouragement to switch over to the iPhone.

The New iPhone Advertisements Highlight More Great Features

The New iPhone Advertisements Highlight More Great Features
The latest Apple iPhone advertisements highlight performance, security, and contacts.

In the first set of videos in the “Life is easier on iPhone” campaign, Apple highlighted features like music, privacy, and photos. An earlier advertising video touted how good the iPhone 7 Plus’s portrait mode is. This time around, Cupertino is examining different features. The three short iPhone ads deal with security, performance, and contacts. The videos definitely highlight ways in which the iPhone is superior to most Android phones. Don’t take my word for it, though. Check out the videos for yourself.

These advertisements may be great examples of Cupertino’s marketing strategy, but I question releasing them on a major U.S. holiday. It doesn’t seem like the best time to break out the next segment of your advertising campaign, since most potential customers are enjoying cookouts and honoring veterans, not surfing the web or YouTube.