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iPhone X Production

iPhone X Production Picks Up, Bottlenecks Could Be Resolved Soon

October 17, 2017

If you’re hoping to snag an iPhone X as early as possible, we’ve got some promising news for you. It looks like iPhone X production woes might finally be ebbing, according to DigiTimes.

According to a new supply check, chip vendors have reported they “were not aware” of any more production delays or shipment cutbacks. As such, shipments for the smartphone are set to grow considerably in the coming weeks.

They explain:

With production yield rates for certain key components such as 3D sensing modules improving, shipments of the device have increased gradually and will meet Apple’s demand ahead of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, the sources indicated.

This doesn’t necessarily mean everyone who wants an iPhone X before the end of December will actually be able to purchase one. The same report says it might not be until the first quarter of 2018 when supply will exceed demand.

Last week, Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang (via StreetInsider) said production on the iPhone X now exceeds 400,000 units per week, up from 100,000 previously.

Pre-orders for the iPhone X begin on Friday, Oct. 27. The official release date remains Nov. 3.