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It's No Longer an Apple 'Store'

The change has started with new locations
August 18, 2016

Apple is making an interesting change to the branding of its retail locations.

Pushing the experience

Pushing the experience
The new branding has rolled out online.

The new branding has rolled out online.

First noticed by MacRumors, Apple is no longer referring to a location as an Apple Store. For example, instead of “Apple Store, The Grove” its listed online as “Apple The Grove.”

The site also said that a memo was sent to retail employees noting of the change from both the retail locations and online.

While Apple told employees the change will be gradual and will start with new stores, pages for almost all stores have been updated to remove the “Store” titling.

A number of new stores, including the Union Square location in San Francisco, are offering a number of features geared toward making them a gathering place like an outdoor plaza.