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JUUK Ligero Band

Add Metal to Apple Watch for Less With The JUUK Ligero Band Collection

June 14, 2017

You’re going to love the JUUK Ligero Apple Watch band collection.

There’s much to enjoy about Apple Watch. The cost the iPhone maker charges for its Apple Watchbands isn’t one of them, however. From the $49 Sport Band to the $689 Apple Watch Hermès Etoupe Swift Leather Double Buckle Cuff, the official bands are as expensive as they are beautiful.

If you’re looking for a high-quality metal Apple Watchband for less, you could visit Amazon and hope for the best. Or you could take a look at the new Ligero Apple Watchband collection from JUUK.

High Quality for Less

High Quality for Less

Inspired by a jukebox where songs change frequently JUUK (pronounced “juke”) has now introduced three collections of Apple Watchbands. We consider the first two of these, Locarno and Revo, the best metal Apple Watchbands on the market. 

The third collection, Ligero, has just arrived. It’s noted for its lightweight design and lower price tag when compared to JUUK’s two other collections.


Made of 6061 anodize series aluminum, Ligero features the same material used in the aircraft, automotive, and boating industries. Think extremely strong, but lightweight.

JUUK Ligero features a horizontal single-link design with beveled edges on either side. Unlike less expensive metal watch bands, Ligero offers removable links in two different sizes, 8mm and 5mm. By offering these sizes, JUUK offers more combinations of removable links for better adjustment options.

For example, you can take out links with 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 13mm gaps. Cheaper watch bands typically only come with 8mm pieces.

One of the things I dislike the most about metal watch bands is the often difficult process of removing or adding links. For Ligero, JUUK has created its own concave capsa pins and includes a proprietary adjustment tool with every band. This tool makes it easier to adjust the size of the band with no outside help necessary.

Lots of Colors

JUUK Ligero is available in a rainbow of colors, literally.

At launch, colors include Rose Gold, Cosmic Gray, Silver, Ruby, Cobalt, Obsidian (dark gray), Cadmium (reddish orange), Tyrian (light purple), and Viridian (green). For a limited time, JUUK is also offering a special Rainbow edition. Twenty U.S. dollars of every purchase of this limit-edition model goes to Amnesty International Hong Kong.

For review purposes, I received a Ruby and Cadmium band.

Should You Buy?

Limited-edition Rainbow version

Limited-edition Rainbow version

I have tested a lot of the $20 metal Apple Watchbands being offered on These bands (again, you get what you pay for) don’t hold a candle to those being offered by JUUK. The Ligero collection is no exception. These are high-quality watch bands that feel almost weightless on the wrist.

The regular JUUK Ligero bands are $119 for the 38mm version and $129 for the 42mm version. The Rainbow model is priced at $159 and $169 for the 38mm and 42mm versions, respectively.

You can order JUUK Apple Watchbands through the official website.