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Last Shelter: Survival Now Features Daryl and Maggie Thanks to 3-Week The Walking Dead Crossover Event

May 4, 2023

Long Tech Network’s Last Shelter: Survival and AMC’s The Walking Dead have teamed up for a collab event, bringing characters and locations from the hit show into the apocalyptic world of the hugely popular mobile game.

In a strictly time-limited event, live right now and due to end in three weeks, fan-favorite The Walking Dead characters Daryl and Maggie are paying a visit to the wasteland in order to help the Commander take down as many zombie and human foes as possible.

In terms of locations, you’ll also be able to visit in-game reimaginings of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, the Green Family Farm, and the prison.

The event, like the base game, sees you playing as the Commander. Your mission is to complete a selection of mini-events, ably abetted by Daryl and Maggie.

These mini-events include Unlock the Mystery, which entails finishing quests, collecting stickers, and placing them on your collection board to light it up.

Collect Clues, meanwhile, tasks you with sending teams to search the camps that litter the wasteland, rescuing survivors and hunting for clues that might help you locate Daryl.

Drive & Survive, the most arcadey of the events, sees you ploughing into the zombie hordes behind the wheel of your trusty vehicle, crushing Walkers and pocketing rewards.

There are also a few community events to take part in. Members of the official Last Shelter: Survival community have the opportunity to design their own emotes and submit them to a vote, with the most popular potentially appearing in the game.

The same community is also invited to participate in an upcoming cosplay event.

Emotes of Daryl and Maggie are currently available in-game, and if you’re a member of the Last Shelter: Survival Discord group you can get your hands on animated versions.

Last Shelter: Survival is an acclaimed free-to-play mobile SLG that has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

Download it right now on the App Store or Google Play Store.

To learn more, join the Last Shelter: Survival community on Discord.

And don’t forget to tune into the two Walking Dead spin-offs due to air in 2023. The Walking Dead: Dead City, featuring Maggie and Negan, is set to arrive in June, while The Walking Dead: Daryle Dixon will be along later in the year.