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Levitating Anti-Gravity Apple Watch Charger Hits Kickstarter

The Apple Watch charger can make your smart watch look even more futuristic than it already does
August 19, 2016

There are Apple Watch chargers, and there are Apple Watch chargers. LIFT, a new product that can be backed right now on Kickstarter, is an interesting addition to the growing market of smart watch chargers. Because this new accessory levitates while giving your Apple Watch an energy boost.

It's unlike anything we've seen before, and really does look like it belongs in the far-distant future. LIFT consists of a base platform and a small, curved block: your Apple Watch sits on the block, and this block, in turn, levitates above the platform, floating in the air as if by magic. “Simply place your Pebble or Apple Watch over the charging base and watch it magically levitate in mid air, all while charging via its revolutionary induction system,” the folks behind LIFT explain. And when your smart watch isn't charging, LIFT transforms into a “beautiful smart lamp.” The overall effect is pretty staggering, and it has us impressed.

The creators of LIFT add:

How did we do it? Our proprietary induction system is inspired by Tesla’s original ideas around transferring electricity through the ether. We took this radical concept and adapted it to be able to transfer power while magically levitating in space without the need for any wires.

The charger is compatible with all Apple Watches, as well as with Pebble's smart watches, too. In terms of pricing, you'll need to cough up $149 (at least) in order to get hold of one of the chargers for yourself, and delivery is estimated for October. The eventual price will be $249, the creators of LIFT explain.

For more information, or even for the chance of backing LIFT yourself, head over to the product's Kickstarter Web page.