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POP Smart Button

Logitech’s New POP Smart Button Brings One-Touch Control to Apple HomeKit Devices

April 18, 2017

Logitech has recently unveiled its newest smart home product. The POP Smart Button is the first programmable button that’s compatible with Apple’s HomeKit protocol.

With the push of a button

With the push of a button

The first-generation device arrived last year and offered a quick and easy way for users to quickly control their smart home devices. But adding in HomeKit compatibility opens the door to a number of new and interesting automation ideas.

Each button can be programmed with three specific gestures that can each control different devices or even to activate a HomeKit Scene. The buttons need to be paired to a Smart Bridge, but just one is needed.

Along with HomeKit devices, there are a wide number of other smart home devices as well.

Available soon from Apple

Available soon from Apple
A starter kit and add-on button will be available through Apple soon.

A starter kit and add-on button will be available through Apple soon.

A POP Smart Button Kit will add-on button will be available at Apple Stores and through soon. The kit will retail for $59.95 while each add-on button costs $39.95.

Buyers can select from one of four add-on button white, alloy, coral, and teal.

The devices arrive at other retailers later this year.

While current first-generation POP owners won’t be able to take advantage of HomeKit support, they will soon be able to use even more integrations with other smart home devices.

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