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Meet Pearl RearVision: A Backup Camera Designed by Ex-Apple Employees

The product comes from Pearl Automation: a company founded by three ex-Apple employees
June 21, 2016

Pearl Automation, a company founded by three ex-Apple employees, have unveiled their new product: Pearl RearVision is a piece of technology that can upgrade your car with an iPhone-connected rear-view camera.

You can read all about Pearl RearVision now at the company's website; the recently announced product indeed allows iPhone owners to add a “smart” feature to even the most average of cars, and according to the folks behind RearVision, it can be installed in minutes. As you can see in the video, the product looks much like a plastic, camera-equipped frame, and this fits onto the back of your car and connects to a companion iPhone app. It “alerts you to obstacles in your path and automatically updates so you can backup with confidence.”

It's durable, weather-proof, and can be securely fastened around your license plate. There are two HD cameras built into the RearVision, and these have wide-angle lenses and offer excellent clarity – even at night.

Usefully, RearVision is solar-powered, and as such you won't need to wire the product or re-charge it. Pearl Automation's device connects to your car using its OBD port, and the companion iOS application streams the product's video feed to your iPhone handset. Here, users can pan from left to right, and the app will alert drivers of potential incoming hazards while they reverse.

It's an all-round impressive-looking product, and it's available to preorder right now – for $499.99. Pearl RearVision is shipping in the fall, and you can find out more (or even preorder the product yourself) by visiting Pearl Automation's website.