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Microsoft's Second iOS Keyboard Makes One-Handed Typing Easy

Called Word Flow and released by Microsoft Garage, the third-party keyboard can be downloaded free of charge
Digital Communicator
April 25, 2016

Microsoft is back with another third-party keyboard release for iOS. This time, the keyboard in question brings customization, swipe-input, smart predictions, and even a one-handed typing mode for iPhone owners to enjoy.

Called Word Flow, you can downloaded the keyboard free of charge; as of this writing, it's available in the U.S. App Store only, and supports the U.S. English keyboard. The move comes just a couple of weeks after Microsoft released Hub, another keyboard app for iOS. This time, instead of tight Office 365 integration, Microsoft has focused on fun (but productive) features.

Chief among the most interesting features is one-handed mode: this curves the keyboard itself in an arc (in the direction of your thumb), making it easier to type with one hand on Apple's larger 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones. You can choose whether you're typing with the left or right hand, too, meaning lefties aren't going to suffer. There is, of course, a traditional keyboard layout for iPhone owners to use, too.

When typing, users can either tap or swipe, and Word Flow is designed to offer users predictions for words they're looking for. I've never really been a fan of predictive keyboards in the past, but I'm interested in trying Microsoft's app further – if only for the curved one-handed keyboard.

If Apple's own iOS keyboard has left you feeling disappointed, consider taking Microsoft's Word Flow for a spin. You can download it free of charge from the U.S. App Store now.