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Minecraft Update Brings New Character Creator and More

October 30, 2019

Even though it has been on the App Store for almost eight years, Minecraft continues to top the App Store charts year after year. And the game is getting even better with a substantial new update.

Fox Fun

Fox Fun

The biggest addition is version 1.13 is the new character creator. As you might guess, the feature allows players to better customize their character. You can select from items that are free and require an in-app purchase.

You’ll need to watch your chickens as the update also adds hungry foxes to the mix.

Other additions include suspicious stew, dead coral, new block notes, a structure void, and more.

Minecraft is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for $6.99.

And while Minecraft continues to be a hugely popular game, the series will take a new direction in Minecraft Earth, announced earlier this year by Microsoft.

A headlining feature of the augmented reality app is many different mobs. Gamers will be able to discover new variants and populate different builds.

Much like Pokemon Go, you’ll be able to explore different locations to gather resources and take on different challenges.

A multiplayer collaboration mode will allow a player to team up and build even larger structures at full size outdoors. It’s currently in beta testing with no announced release date.

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