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iPhone 7 Review

Video: MKBHD's iPhone 7 Review 4 Months Later

MKBHD's iPhone 7 Review
January 29, 2017

The incredibly famous and popular MKBHD is back with another video, this time with an iPhone 7 review, four months after its debut.

The review is roughly nine minutes long and it is full of great details and opinions from the famous tech reviewer. It’s worth watching, but if you’re looking for a quick summary, exjr_ from Reddit summed it up best.

  • Best vibration in any smartphone. Period.
  • Apple is “future thinking” the wireless life? Yes. Are they aggressive about it? Yes. Is the lack of a jack a pain in the ass? Yes.
  • Best camcorder. Period.
  • Camera is on par with Samsung’s but photo processing is top-notch.
  • If you are on videography or photography and you want a phone, iPhone is the best choice. Especially the 7+.
  • A10 is lit. It is considered the best responsive phone for Marques. No phone is as smooth and responsive to that. The Pixel and the OPO 3T are there, but not there.
  • Battery Life is about the same as last year, okay, but not great. The 7+ is really good on battery.
  • “Apple, you made the phone the same dimension, and increased the battery. Keep doing that”
  • Biggest complaints: No jack, and no USB C.

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