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March 28, 2017

Major League Baseball wasted no time updating its popular At Bat app to work with the new iOS 10.3 update that arrive to iPhone and iPad users a little more than a day ago.

Support your squad

Support your squad
If the Cubs can actually win a World Series, why not the Rangers?

If the Cubs can actually win a World Series, why not the Rangers?

Version 10.0.2 of the app only offers one new feature, but it takes advantage of a new capability given to developers starting with the latest version of iOS.

Anyone who has updated can now customize the At Bat icon to support their favorite team.

If you’ve already set a favorite team on the app, a dialog box will automatically allow you to change the icon when starting the app. You can also set the icon at any time in the app by going to More, Settings, and then Home Screen Icon and selecting a team.

You can download at Bat now on the App Store for free. It’s universal and designed for the iPhone/iPod touch, all iPad models, and the fourth-generation Apple TV. The app is also one of the best Apple Watch apps for the wearable device and features a number of great complications.

The free app offers some minimal features. To unlock all of the premium content, you’ll need to purchase a subscription using the app. That costs $19.99 per year or $2.99 per month and includes the ability to listen to live home/away game day audio, follow game day pitch-by-pitch with Pitch-FX, watch classic games, and the MLB.TV Game of the Day.

All premium features are also unlocked if you’re an MLB.TV subscriber. That costs $112.99 per season or $24.99 monthly and gives viewers access to all out-of-market TV broadcasts during the season. Games can be viewed on your iOS device or the Apple TV.

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