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Mophie Is Launching a Wireless Charging Solution For iPhone

The move comes as the battery case-maker launches three new products designed to give wireless charging a power boost
May 31, 2016

Mophie, the folks behind a bunch of great charging cases for Apple’s iPhone line, are looking to give wireless charging a power boost through launching three brand new products (while also making a change to its entire suite of cases).

Moving forward, all Mophie cases are going to be equipped with built-in technology that allows users to charge their iPhone wirelessly. Of course, in order to do so, your handset is going to need to be inside one of Mophie’s compatible cases, and it’ll need to be resting on a Mophie charging pad (more on this in a minute). But these Mophie battery cases also extend your iPhone’s battery life while offering additional protection, both of which are nice bonuses.

Those charging pads, then. There are three which Mophie is introducing today: one, which is a simple charging pad, for the home; another, which features an upright stand, for the office; and lastly, a charging pad that attaches to your car’s dashboard. All three secure a Mophie case-equipped iPhone magnetically, and each one will wirelessly charge your handset, meaning you’ll likely never run out of juice ever again. Plus, Mophie’s cases don’t feature a battery hump, either.

All three charging pads form part of Mophie’s “Charge Force” line: the pad itself retails for $99 (and ships with a bundled Mophie case), while the desk stand and car vent clip cost an additional $49 apiece. The products should retail at and, as well as at

The question of whether this is the kind of technology we need remains, however. After all, Mophie cases increase your iPhone’s battery life by more than double in some instances, and the iPhone 6s (and 6s Plus) can last a long time between charges. In the past, when I’ve used similar solutions, I’ve felt that the aesthetic trade-offs are too great. Perhaps Mophie’s soltion will be different; we’ll share more information on the product line with you as we receive it.