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MU Origin Guild Siege Battle

MU Origin Launches a New Guild Siege Battle and More

Pocket Gaming
August 22, 2017

Popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game MU Origin has an exciting new update. The game is evolving to provide fans with the best gameplay experience with new guild battles, updated and new roleplaying systems, and expanded options for gameplay. Let’s have a look at the latest update to MU Origin, from its new guild siege battle to the refinements and enhancements the developers have released.

Strive to Become the Top Guild of the MU Continent in the New Guild Siege

Strive to Become the Top Guild of the MU Continent in the New Guild Siege
Server arena

A real-time server guild siege, “Cry Wolf Battle,” has been brought online. Your guild takes on a special fort in a battle to conquer the defenses and maintain a stronghold there. Battles happen every day at specific times, with registration required to take on a fort. If you occupy the highest-level fort, a level 10 fort, your guild can receive a special title as the top guild of the MU Continent.

Battle hours for level one through nine forts take place every day at 8 p.m. server time, with registration open from 10 minutes after the battle until 5 minutes prior to the next day’s battle. If your guild wants to tackle the level 10 fort, that battle only opens on Sundays, so get prepared in advance and conquer the level nine fort beforehand.

New Soul Gem and Dice Hunter Systems

New Soul Gem and Dice Hunter Systems
Specialty system

The Soul Stone System has evolved into the Soul Gem System, which can provide you with various elemental options to aid you in your battles. Create Soul Gems from Wolf Dust, which you can acquire in the new server dungeon, Cry Wolf.

A brand new Dice Hunter System has been introduced to help you change your destiny. You can find events and rewards, as well as acquire special items and fight bosses in the 10 floors of the Dice Hunter dungeon. Earn Dice Points and Rubies, which you can exchange for various items in the Dice Shop.

Enjoy Other Upgrades and Features

Enjoy Other Upgrades and Features
Guardian soul

In addition to these major additions and changes, a number of other modifications have come to the game. To wit, these include:

  • Maximum character level has been raised to 11.
  • Tier 12 equipment has been added to the game.
  • The highest floor of Endless Tower has increased to 120.
  • Two new pets, the Golden Monkey and the Famous Dog, are available to be earned through various events.
  • The Auction has been tweaked and improved.
  • The Character Delete system has been revamped to make it easier to use and offer a two-hour delay, allowing you time to change your mind.

Getting Into MU Origin

Getting Into MU Origin

If you’re already into the game, look for the update in the App Store. If you’re new to MU Origin, you can download the game for free on the App Store. This title requires iOS 7 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The guild siege battle may require a newer iPhone or iPad, so bear that in mind.

New features abound in the latest version of MU Origin