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MyPixPo puts your Flickr and Facebook photos on Apple TV

Check out your pictures on the big screen
March 30, 2016

Do you have a ton of photos on Flickr or Facebook that you would love to see displayed on your Apple TV? A new app called MyPixPo lets you do just that. With a lovely visual presentation, your photos will float up the display, letting you relive those moments with others on the big screen.

Connect your accounts

With options currently for Flickr and Facebook, you can view photos you have uploaded plus those you are tagged in on Facebook. The next update is supposed to include access to your photos from Google Drive and Google Photos as well as those from friends and family in your Flickr contacts.

MyPixPo settings

  • Running time lets you choose when your Apple TV will change to the screensaver as well as sleep when the app is running.
  • Background options let you choose from light, white, or dark.
  • Scroll speed options include slow, normal, and fast for how quickly they move up the screen.
  • Photo display lets you choose fewer, more, or a normal amount of pictures filling the screen.

MyPixPo brings all of those photos from Flickr or Facebook right to your living room. The app also lets you view your pictures while you are using Apple TV to play music, which is a terrific bonus.

So, if you have friends and family over to visit, you can still enjoy your tunes and see those awesome photos at the same time.

MyPixPo can be downloaded through the App Store on your Apple TV for free. However, it may not stay free for long, so check it out today.