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Mobile Video Previews

Mobile Video Previews Coming to the Netflix App in April

Credit: Variety
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March 8, 2018

Mobile video previews are a new feature coming to the Netflix app in April. The feature allows subscribers to sample content with 30-second video videos on the vertical position, according to Variety.

In a move that should make searching for new content a more immersive experience, the new feature is similar to one found on the Netflix TV interface. It’s the first time Netflix has introduced vertical video within any of its apps.

As Variety explains:

Previews are being integrated into the home screen of the mobile app with round icons that vaguely look like Instagram stories. Users tap on those icons to watch one of those previews, and then swipe through them to explore more. At launch, Netflix will be presenting up to 75 of such previews to swipe through at a time.

Mobile video previews in the Netflix app will be available for “many hundreds of titles,” according to Netflix’s Todd Yellin and will include both originals and licensed shows.

Anything that makes the Netflix experience even better is a win in my book. What say you?

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