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Never Forget an Idea or Task With Thought Path

February 22, 2024

During each day, there is probably a thought or idea that crosses your mind. But you never have time to jot it down to remember it later. The new app Thought Path can act as a task manager and place to store all of those ideas and more.

Think of the app as a digital notepad to store thoughts and more. They might not amount to anything in the future, but the app allows you to store it for later.

It’s well designed and easy to use. On the Timeline, jot down whatever you are thinking. When you’re ready to look back at everything, it’s played out like a text message app. You can see information like the time it was added and where. Each one can be further customized with the addition of a tag.

A simple tap will also mark the idea as complete.

Along with the Timeline, you can even search back for something by text or place. You can also see recently deleted.

To further customize the app, there is a light or dark color scheme and a tab animation option to select from.

Thought Path is a free download on the App Store now. With the free version you will need to review and archive thoughts after reaching a cap of 15.

To remove that limit, you can purchase an optional subscription. There are two options available, $1.99 per month or $14.99 yearly.

I’ve used the app for a few days, and have enjoyed its different take on a task manager. There are often times where a thought comes into my mind and in a few minutes it’s forgotten. With Thought Path, you can always have a record of what you were thinking.

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Thought Path
Thought Path
Matthew James O'Donnell