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Nintendo Has Confirmed Free-to-Play Mobile Games

Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem are coming without a price
Pocket Gaming
May 11, 2016

We first caught wind a few weeks ago that Nintendo would be releasing the “traditional” titles Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem for mobile devices. There was no pricing information at that time, however, an announcement today, May 11, confirms that both games will be released with the free-to-play model.

In an article today from The Wall Street Journal, DeNA chief executive Isao Moriyasu mentioned and a Nintendo spokesperson confirmed, according to MacRumors:

Nintendo Co.’s next two smartphone games will be free to download, the company’s partner said on Wednesday, increasing the likelihood that long-loved console game titles will rank high even in fiercely competitive app stores.

- The Wall Street Journal

DeNA is a gaming studio in Tokyo, Japan assisting Nintendo with the creation of the mobile titles. Their first app launch was the social-centered Miitomo, which hit the App Store at the end of March 2016.

Miitomo allows you to customize a Mii, which is a representation of yourself. And with that, players can connect with friends, play mini games, and collect coins for answering questions. This is also a free-to-download app with optional purchases for coins and avatar items.

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem will both be complete game applications, rather than social-driven apps like Miitomo, and are supposed to be released sometime before March 2017. So, be sure to check back with AppAdvice for news and updated related to their launches.

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