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Old Man's Journey Is a Moody Puzzle Game Made With Heart

Painterly backgrounds and a tasty soundtrack make this mobile title one to watch.
Credit: Broken Rules
Pocket Gaming
March 3, 2017

Old Man’s Journey isn’t your ordinary puzzle game. It’s a visual storytelling feast, first and foremost, and the developers told Trevor Sheridan all about it at this year’s GDC in San Francisco.

Calling Old Man’s Journey “a game about life, loss and hope,” developer Broken Rules (Yet It Moves) promises a release this year.

In the title, you’ll spend your time exploring with a tap on the screen and solving environmental puzzles. Manipulating the game world will come into play quite a bit while you help the old man recall his life’s memories, which you’ll get to see at the end of each level.

You’ll drag hills up and down to create a path for the protagonist, while later levels will have you following cats, breaking down walls, weaving in and out of the scene’s depths, and even interacting with waterfalls. Sounds like a lovely time, right?


Add to all that an amazing soundtrack by scntfc (Mr. Robot, Oxenfree), and you’ve got a game that will delight you for its entire 90 minutes. Old Man’s Journey will be a premium game, too, so no annoying free-to-play widgets or ads to sit through.

If you’re looking for a reflective, mood-focused game that will test your puzzle-solving skills while letting you explore a beautiful landscape, Old Man’s Journey may be your next favorite game.

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