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Outback Steakhouse’s new app allows diners to pay from their iPhone

You can also use the app to get on the wait list at any location
March 11, 2016

Even though I wish Outback Steakhouse would offer support for Apple Pay at its numerous locations across the United States, the restaurant chain is providing hungry diners the next best thing with it new iOS app.


Time for a stake out

Outback Time for a stake out
You can also access the menu from any location of the chain.

You can also access the menu from any location of the chain.

Most notably, diners can now pay for their meal directly from their iPhone and also safely and securely store payment details for future visits. As a nice touch, the app will also allow you to equally split the check and also add a tip.

The app should also come in handy before it is time to pay. Using the app, you get on the wait list at a certain location and be notified when the table is ready. While waiting, you can also take a look at the full menu.

You’ll also be set up to receive coupons and other offers for future visits. Instead of needing to print them off at home, the discounts can be stored inside the app to be used when it is time to pay.

Coming in the summer, Outback will also launch a new loyalty program that can be accessed through the app. After three visits to any Bloomin’ Brands Restaurants, including Outback, you’ll receive 50 percent off the fourth visit.

The recently launched Outback Steakhouse app is designed for the iPhone/iPod touch and can be downloaded now for free.

While I like this type of functionality, I don’t really know if I want to have a number of apps for different restaurants. If I visited Outback often I’d find it useful, but I can’t say I’d want to keep it on my iPhone if I ate their only two or three times a year.

Download the app now

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