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Perfect World: Revolution is a Fantastic Vertical MMORPG, Out Now on Mobile

July 20, 2021

Perfect World: Revolution is here. After a hugely successful pre-registration campaign that saw the game racking up well over 1 million sign-ups, you can now jump in and get playing. Hallelujah!

You can play the game with one hand too, thanks to its clever new vertical orientation. This slick, user-friendly new approach applies to the gameplay, too. It’s now possible to hop from class to class with the new class-switching system, and the RPG mechanics have been optimized for a smoother and more gratifying experience.

For the uninitiated, Perfect World: Revolution is the long-awaited mobile spin-off of Perfect World, a classic PC MMORPG that first came out in China in 2005, before launching in the West a couple of years later.

Perfect World is almost uniquely Eastern in its setting and aesthetic, which is based on classical mythology. That means you’ll encounter dragons, tiger people, and tons of gorgeous Far East architecture.

This new version improves on its predecessor in every conceivable way. Not only has the game received a graphical overhaul, with optimizations made to character models, environments, designs, and more, but it now has a whole new interface.

Perfect World: Revolution is a vast game, and it’s three-dimensional in every sense. You can dive beneath the seas, soar through the skies, and rampage across the land enjoying city-shaking parties and bone-crunching battles.

Battles are bigger than ever, too, thanks to the new cross-server dungeons, where you can play alongside a huge global community of Perfect World fans.

Assuming you pre-registered for Perfect World: Revolution, you’ll get the full package of rewards as soon as you download it and start playing. That means a whole heap of Soulstones, Gems, Chests, a Mystery Pack with 400 Bound Gold Ingots, a costume, and more.

And there’s more. You can also nab a special gift by entering this exclusive code: PWRNOW.

Head to the App Store or Google Play to start your adventure.