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Plant Nanny 2 is a Lifestyle App That Helps You to Hydrate

March 24, 2020

Drinking water is probably the simplest and most effective way to maintain good health, yet hardly any of us do it enough. Water helps with weight loss, keeps the kidneys in good shape, reduces blood pressure, flushes body waste, lubricates the joints, resolves constipation, and keeps your skin looking healthy.

So how can you get into the habit of drinking more? Simple: download Plant Nanny 2.

Featured on Google’s Best Apps of 2019, Plant Nanny 2 is an ingenious app that gamifies drinking water by putting you in charge of something adorable that needs water as much as you do. Or rather, many things, all of them plants with big wet eyes and chubby little faces.

In essence, Plant Nanny 2 works by tying your water consumption to your plant’s water consumption. Each day your plant needs a certain quantity of the good stuff in order to flourish – just like you – and if you quench your plant’s thirst as often as you quench your own you’ll be rewarded with a happy, thriving piece of flora. And a healthy body.

The app suggests appropriate amounts of water based on your body data and the amount of exercise you do, so you can be sure of taking in the right amount. It lets you use millimeters or ounces, too, so you’ll be catered for whatever side of the metric divide you sit on.

To help you keep up with your recommended daily intake the app will ping you notifications when it’s time to gulp down a glass of water. And while you’re at it you can feed your plant, holding down a virtual button to give your little green friend a satisfying dose of H2O.

Naturally, as you keep up with your waterings you’ll use seeds to buy new plants, level-up, buy new pots, unlock a variety of fascinating creatures, and generally reap the rewards of a healthy approach to hydration.

And if you download Plant Nanny 2 for free right now on the App Store by clicking here – register within 14 days you’ll get a free gift of 50 seeds. Just use the code “AAbonus” via this site. So hop to it.