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Polarr app Best Photo Editing App

Polarr Might Be The Best Photo Editing App for iPhone

Is anything this good?
October 18, 2016

If you’re looking for what could be the best photo editing app for your iPhone, Polarr might just be the one to get.

Effects, adjustments, and filters

Those of us who love taking photos on our iPhone’s are often looking for the best app we can find for editing them. And now that Apple has opened up RAW support, having a photo editor is even more useful.

Enter Polarr.

A video posted by Andrew Kearns shows just how much flexibility Polarr offers when it comes to photo-editing. In the video, Kearns can adjust various aspects including tint, exposure, contrast, and something we’ve never seen in any other photo-editing app before, a gradient filter.

The results are amazing. The app is free, and you can unlock all the pro features for just $4.99 if you like it. There’s also a bunch of filters that look super cool.

I think I just found my new favorite photo-editing app.

Polarr Photo Editor - Photo Editing Tools for All
Polarr Photo Editor - Photo Editing Tools for All
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