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Prepare Yourself, Word Invaders Will Enter the Galaxy Soon

What happens when you mix a word game with Space Invaders?
Pocket Gaming
August 16, 2016

From DreamWalk, a development company based in Australia, comes a new take on a couple of classics. Word Invaders is set to be a word game and Space Invader combination.

How do you play?

You will be given seven letters and are tasked with forming words with them. Simple enough. The twist comes in when the invaders begin shooting at your letters to eliminate them before you can use them. Sound fun?

Check out this trailer of Word Invaders to see the game in action and just click here if you cannot see the video:

When it is launching?

According to the DreamWalk Twitter page, the game will launch for both iOS and Android on Aug. 25. Details regarding pricing and device compatibility were not readily available at the time of this article.

Is it one to look forward to?

Word Invaders is definitely worth a look once it becomes available. With both level-based and score-based gameplay, you can certainly challenge yourself. And, if you like those games where quick-thinking is key, then this one will surely be of interest. Using the letters before they are blown away by the invaders will bring a fun twist to an ordinary word game.

Be sure to check back with AppAdvice for news and updates on the release of Word Invaders.