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PropertyMe Manager Offers Everything a Property Manager Could Need in one Easy-To-Use Package

July 28, 2020

PropertyMe Manager isn’t just a fully-featured property management app, it’s the most popular property management app in Australia and New Zealand, and for good reason. Built by property managers for property managers, it offers everything you need to keep track of your property portfolio in one handy and easy-to-use package.

With PropertyMe Manager, everything you need is just a few taps away. You’ll find all of your contacts, properties and documents stored conveniently in the app. Need to make a call or send an email? You can do that directly from the app as well.

Jobs that need to be done can be handled from the app too. You can log, change and track the status of any maintenance tasks to make sure that everyone involved is kept in the loop and jobs are completed in a timely manner. The dashboard is updated in real-time, so you can rest assured that you’re always in control.

You can also manage and conduct inspections, and it’s super easy. Trigger messages and reminders to let your tenants know when the inspection is due to take place, change and manage inspection areas, add photos and notes, and highlight any follow-up work or rent reviews that might need to take place afterward.

Property Done Properly

Property Done Properly

All of your data is saved in the cloud, so you can switch from the app to the PropertyMe web app and keep working with ease. You can take photos directly from PropertyMe Manager, and a useful feature lets you dictate notes on the go.

PropertyMe Manager lets you keep on top of all of your messages as well. Bulk actions let you handle multiple messages quickly, and you can link an email to a specific property, job, contact or inspection to make sure it’s always exactly where you need it.

You can check out even more information about PropertyMe Manager by clicking here to visit the official PropertyMe website. There you’ll find more about pricing plans, and be able to read testimonials from satisfied users.

PropertyMe Manager is a one-stop app for all of your property management needs. It’s easy to use, packed full of useful functions and is going to save you hours every week.

Click here and you can download it from the App Store now.