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QubeTown is an Animal Crossing-Style Fantasy Adventure for Mobile, Out Now

January 22, 2019

The real world is full of unhelpful people and boring tasks like grocery shopping and doing laundry. Plus it often rains, making it a disappointing place to spend your time overall.

Much better to hang out in a colorful, cute virtual world like QubeTown. This Animal Crossing-esque fantasy adventure from developer Arumgames is the perfect antidote to real life, thanks to its endless supply of charming characters, engaging tasks, and world-building opportunities.

As the title suggests, QubeTown goes in for cubes in a big way. The buildings are cuboid, as you would expect, but so are the trees, vegetables, whales, pandas, and every other in-game element, including Tommy, the star of the game.

The aim is to create your own dream town and keep it looking pretty and running like clockwork.

That means not only indulging in a spot of interior design, but also planting and harvesting crops, producing goods at your bakeries and dessert shops, and even trading with other players. You’ll also need to upgrade your buildings to keep them working to their maximum potential.

Of course, it’s not all business. QubeTown is packed with fun stuff to do, whether it be heading out on an expedition or exploring the forest and the secret mine. Better still, you can take your friends with you, including an elephant, a whale, and even a dragon.

And there’s action to be had at home, too. Evil trolls and krakens are hell-bent on invading your village, and you need to take them out to keep your fellow QubeTown citizens safe. The more citizens and hero characters you collect, the easier it will be to see off these threats and maintain peace and harmony in your cuboid kingdom.

QubeTown is available right now on the App Store and Google Play. Also, publisher Webzen is currently holding a coupon event. Simply click here and enter the code DOWNLOADQUBETOWN to get 20 Rubies for free.