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Removed Finder for AirPods

Apple Has Removed Finder for AirPods from the App Store

January 9, 2017

It’s back to square one for AirPods users who want to track down a lost earbud. After making its debut early last week, Apple recently removed Finder for AirPods from the App Store.

'Not appropriate'

'Not appropriate'

According to information received by MacRumors, Apple pulled the app for an interesting reason:

Yeah, just got off the phone with them. They didn’t find anything wrong with the app itself, but rather they they didn’t like the ‘concept’ of people finding their Airpods and hence was deemed ‘not appropriate for the App Store’.

Anyone who purchased the $3.99 app can still use the app on their iPhone, but there will be no further updated on the title unless Apple reverses the removal decision.

If interested, Deucks Pty recommends that users can ask for a refund via iTunes or the Web.

How it worked

How it worked

While Apple was obviously not a fan of the app, it did a nice job of locating a lost earbud, if you were in wireless range.

If you lost one or both of your precious AirPods, you could start the app and identify which AirPod is missing. Then you’ll close the carrying case door. Once that was done, users simply wave their iPhone around like a game of hot potato and the app will get you to the spot you misplaced your AirPods.

In our testing, the app worked reasonably and was sure a lot better than paying $69 each for a replacement. Don’t be surprised if Apple eventually introduces a similar feature in a future version of iOS.