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Sending money is a tap away with Circle Pay

This handy way to send and receive cash couldn’t be easier
Mind On My Money
March 22, 2016

When a faraway friend or family member needs to borrow a few bucks, there is no easier way than with Circle Pay. You can send and receive money with no fees, connect your bank account or debit card, and keep your information safe with different security options.

Send money quickly

Send money quickly

Just choose your amount and pick a contact or enter their details. You can then include a note, photo, or even a GIF for fun.

When you are ready to send money to a pal, you can see your Circle Pay balance. Then, choose to send with a debit card instead if the amount exceeds your balance.

Change your security settings

Adjust your security settings

Security settings include Touch ID and a password. You can also use two-factor authentication and set the amounts for sending and withdrawing money.

Within the settings, you can also sign out of other active sessions, choose to hide your balance, change your currency, and see nearby users

Circle Pay is fast and easy and the fact that there are no fees makes it even more valuable. The app has a convenient Help area with details as well as buttons to contact the help center by phone or message.

Circle Pay is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is available for free on the App Store without ads.

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Circle Pay
Circle Pay
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