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Simplifying Your Events Is Now Easier With Simpliday on iPad

A recent update brings iPad support, guest user ability, and more
Credit: Simpliday Blog
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September 8, 2016

Just a couple of months ago, we introduced you to the easy-to-use and attractive Simpliday calendar for iPhone. And in an update today, Sept. 8, simplifying your events and reminders just got even better as the app is now available for iPad as well. In addition, some improvements and new features are included in the update for an enhanced overall experience.


Quick, easy, cool

With the same simple-to-use interface you are used to on your iPhone, the app come through on the iPad too. Tap to connect an email account such as Outlook, Google, or iCloud. Adjust your settings just as easily for the background picture, synced calendars, and connected emails and storage services. Add a reminder or meeting quickly with a super slick navigation between the two.

From Johan Gunnars, CEO and cofounder of Simpliday:

At Simpliday, we’re all about simplicity and ease of use. We’re happy to give our Apple users the option to use whichever device best fits their lifestyle or time of day. Be it from an iPhone while commuting, the desktop while working, or the iPad while lounging, the new iPad app makes it easy to update calendars, set reminders, or send invites and emails from whatever device they choose.

See everything at a glance

Additional improvements and new features:

  • Optional guest user without registration for first-timers
  • Redesign of the setup screen for new users, making it more intuitive
  • Updated overall design and interactions with coachmarks
  • Dynamic scrolling of the background on iPhone
  • New animations for creating and moving items

In case you have not checked out Simpliday for iPhone, here is a look at it how easy it is to see your items and rearrange them if needed.

Simpliday is available on the App Store for free. There are in-app purchase options for additional backgrounds, multiple email accounts, and other premium features starting at $0.99 each.

Simpliday - All-In-One Calendar
Simpliday - All-In-One Calendar
Simpliday AB

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