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Siri Westworld

Ask Siri Westworld Questions and Get Funny Answers

These nonviolent commands have nonviolent responses
Apple's Software
December 9, 2016

As it turns out, Apple’s artificially intelligent personal assistant is something of a fan of “Westworld,” HBO’s new sci-fi series about artificially intelligent machines who serve as “hosts” in the titular Wild West theme park. When you ask Siri Westworld questions or otherwise give Siri Westworld commands, you can expect to get responses that cleverly refer back to the show.

Siri’s apparent fondness for Westworld is pointed out by one of the show’s stars, Evan Rachel Wood. In a couple of tweets (via 9to5Mac), Wood, who plays an android host named Dolores in the series, shares screenshots showing Siri’s amusingly allusive answers to Westworld-related questions and commands.


For example, when asked what it thought of the season finale of Westworld, which aired last Sunday, Siri responds with, “It doesn’t look like anything to me,” a common line uttered in the series by the robots, signifying their relative unawareness.


And when the same line is said to Siri, Apple’s very own “host” comes back with a self-aware answer: “I’ve never questioned the nature of my reality. But it’s on my to-do list.”


Perhaps the most humorous among the Siri Westworld replies is that which the virtual assistant gives to the command, “Cease all motor functions,” which is what the people in charge of the theme park say in Westworld to render the hosts stock-still. Siri’s android-appropriate response? “(Black stare)”


Siri also has an apt reaction when it’s told one of the recurring lines in the series, which is taken from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”: “These violent delights have violent ends.” Siri’s answer? “Someone get me out of this crazy theme park!”


Siri’s responses to Westworld questions and commands may vary, but most likely, they’ll somehow be related to Westworld. Apparently, some folks at Apple have programmed these responses into Siri, seeing as Westworld has become a huge hit. That the series features artificially intelligent entities makes it a perfect fit for Siri.

Siri has been known to play host, so to speak, to jokey pop-culture easter eggs, particularly ones that have to do with sci-fi and artificial intelligence. Perhaps the most relevant is the one where Siri is given a command taken from “2001: A Space Odyssey”: “Open the pod bay doors,” to which Siri responds with a variety of entertaining answers.

Have you discovered any more Siri Westworld easter eggs? Share your favorites in the comments below.