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siri wireless speaker

Unfortunately, Apple's Latest Device Isn't a Siri Wireless Speaker

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March 20, 2017

It wasn’t a Siri wireless speaker.

Back in September, the FCC approved a mysterious wireless device from Apple with the model number A1844. At the time, some thought this was a future Siri speaker, which had been rumored earlier in the year. The actual product is far less exciting, according to Business Insider.

According to new photos published by the FCC, the A1844 is a badge reader that attaches to a door assembly, most likely for Apple corporate use.

Yes, you read that right, a badge reader.

Back in February, Time reported that Apple has all but given up releasing a standalone Siri wireless speaker. Instead, Apple is “more interested in turning Siri into an omnipresent AI assistant across devices, rather than designing a single device specifically to serve as a Siri machine.”

For those looking for something new from Apple that isn’t a badge reader, you’re in luck. The company could announce new products as early as tomorrow, March 21. These could include a second-generation 9.7-inch iPad Pro plus new bands for the Apple Watch.