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Skype Update Arrives With Screen Sharing Options for iOS Devices

June 5, 2019

Skype’s handy screen sharing feature isn’t just for the Mac or PC anymore.

A Redesigned Calling Screen

A Redesigned Calling Screen

Microsoft has just announced that the popular calling app has just rolled out the feature for all users. It was previously in beta testing.

To share you screen, just select the “…” menu in the app. Along with screen sharing, you can also access other options like call recording and subtitles.

Another new addition is a redesigned calling experience. During a call, a single tap dismisses the call controls. A double tap removes everything on the screen except for the other caller. To bring the controls back, just single tap the screen.

There are two separate versions of Skype available – one for iPhone and iPad. Both are free and available to download on the App Store now.