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Snapchat Spectacles

The $130 Snapchat Spectacles Are Now Available to Purchase Online

February 20, 2017

Those $130 Snapchat Spectacles you heard about last fall are getting easier to purchase. You can now buy a pair via the Snap online store, although new orders aren’t being delivered for two to four weeks.

Available exclusively for the Snapchat app, Spectacles feature an integrated video camera designed to capture a full day worth of video on a single charge. Recordings, called Snaps, are limited to 10 seconds each.

With the ability to capture video with an 115-degree field of view, Snapchat Spectacles use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect to the Snapchat app. When recording, light on the exterior of the Spectacles illuminate to show others that you are capturing video.

Until now, Spectacles were only available for purchase through pop-up stores. Now, anyone in the United States can buy them online. Spectacles are available in black, teal, and coral.

The arrival of online Snapchat Spectacles orders come just days after Snap, Inc., Snapchat’s parent company, announced plans to go public.

Are you planning on buying a pair of Spectacles? Let us know using the comments below. 

on Snap, Inc.
* price at time of publishing was $130.00
Snap, Inc.

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