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Some Sprint users are suffering LTE connectivity issues with iOS 9.3

The carrier is promising to offer a fix quickly
April 1, 2016

Apple’s iOS 9.3 is apparently causing another issue for some specific iPhone users.

Sprint, we have a problem

Sprint, we have a problem
Sprint acknowledged the issue in a text to users on Thursday.

Sprint acknowledged the issue in a text to users on Thursday.

A number of Sprint customers are having problems connecting to any LTE data tower and can only access data via the slower 3G band. Resetting or restarting the device doesn’t fix the issue. The issues occur with iOS 9.3 and iOS 9.3.1, which arrived to the public yesterday.

Sprint has been alerting subscribers via text messages saying they are aware of the issue and are working to quickly fix the problem.

More than likely, Sprint will offer some type of carrier-specific update that will fix the problem. We’ll keep you updated if we hear any more information.

Make sure to download iOS 9.3.1

Make sure to download iOS 9.3.1

Even if you’re not a Sprint customer, make sure to download iOS 9.3.1. The software is available to download over-the-air or through iTunes now.

It offers a fix to a Web link crashing bug.

Shortly after iOS 9.3 was released to the public a little more than a week ago, a number of users began to suffer from problems opening Web links in Safari and a number of other apps. Instead of opening the link, the app froze or completely crashed.

Users can take advantage of a number of new features in the software including Night Shift mode and improvements in the News, Notes, and Health apps.

An overview of all the changes