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Sprint Customers Can Get Free Amazon Prime for 12 Months

The U.S. carrier is offering customers the chance to pick up a free year-long subscription to Amazon Prime
May 13, 2016

Sprint is looking to coax customers towards one of its Better Choice XXL plans through offering a year's free subscription to Amazon Prime. This of course means customers are saving themselves $99 (the yearly cost of an Amazon Prime subscription in the United States).

An unbeatable offer for customers.

CNET has the news, and explains that customers of Sprint's “Better Choice XXL” plan are indeed being offered a free year-long subscription to Amazon Prime. Sprint said in a recent press release:

With Better Choice Plans, customers get unlimited talk and text and choose the amount of sharable high-speed data and the number of lines needed for their family. Combining the Better Choice XXL 40GB data tier with 12 months of Amazon Prime is an unbeatable offer.

Better Choice offers an interesting take on the problem of “unlimited” data: when a customer's data allowance runs out, they're offered unlimited cellular downloads at 2G (Edge) speeds. You can also buy an additional gigabyte of data for $15, though this could get expensive quickly depending on how much you're looking to consume.

However, the plan's 40GB of data isn't something customers are going to burn through quickly. This, combined with the free Amazon Prime offering, makes the Better Choice XXL plan “an unbeatable offer.”

Amazon Prime is a great service that offers free two-day shipping alongside a heap of digital benefits. This includes Prime Music, Prime Video, Prime Photos, and also deals for Kindle owners.

Sprint customers can find out more about the carrier's offerings by clicking this link.