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Super Hyper Ball 2

Super Hyper Ball 2 Trailer Shows off Pinball and Brick-Breaking

Mash-up game game slings its way to the App Store January 12
Credit: Neon Chimp
Pocket Gaming
January 3, 2017

Super Hyper Ball 2 hits the App Store January 12, and you can check out all the pinballing, brick-breaking mashup action in the just-released trailer.

What’s more ’80s than pinball? How about breakout-style brick breaking? Well, developer NeonChimp has the right stuff with this totally radical sequel to the original game, Super Hyper Ball.

The new game, Super Hyper Ball 2, heads right to the the App Store this Thursday, January 12, according to TouchArcade, and the devs have released a tubular trailer that shows off all the pinball-brick-breaking you can handle, along with a seriously sweet synthwave-style soundtrack.

Check it out the trailer for the new game, Super Hyper Ball 2:

Sure looks and sounds amazing, right?

In development for 9 months, Super Hyper Ball 2 should provide just the right amount of synergy between the pinball and breakout mechanics, making this an addictive mashup like no other.

You’ll need to bounce the pinball off the breakout-style paddle at the bottom while keeping the action going using the flippers on the sides of the game field. There are tons of levels and bosses to defeat along the way, too.

The colors are bright, the 3D visuals are sharp, and the mechanics look like a ton of fun; I’m grabbing Super Hyper Ball 2 as soon as Thursday hits, for sure.

If you’re into either the pinball or brick-breaking genres or just love the totally ’80s soundtrack like I do, be sure to head over to the App Store January 12.

The original: Super Hyper Ball

Super Hyper Ball, a cocktail of pinball & breakout
Super Hyper Ball, a cocktail of pinball & breakout
Luc Versleijen