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T-Mobile Changes Its Unlimited One Plan, Adds a New Tier

The new plan launches later this week
August 29, 2016

Before it officially launches later this week, T-Mobile has just announced some important changes to its One unlimited program.

A new tier

A new tier

The plan, which costs $70 per month for one line and $160 monthly for four lines, provides unlimited data, text, and calling – with some big caveats. Any video is streamed at standard definition and using more than 26GB of data will cause your data speeds to be throttled.

When originally announced earlier this month, any mobile hotspot tethering while using the plan was limited to glacially slow 2G speeds. But that has now been changed to 3G speeds.

If you’re looking for a faster connection to tether or watch video, T-Mobile will offer high-definition day passes for $3 per day. You’ll be able to view “Stranger Things” in HD glory and be able to tether at LTE speeds for 24 hours after purchase. The day passes will be available starting in October.

But if you can’t wait until then, you can add both of those perks full-time with the One Plus tier for an additional $25 per month for each line.

T-Mobile and other major carriers have recently rolled out new plans before the special Apple event next week on Wednesday, Sept. 7. The next-generation iPhone is widely expected to be unveiled at the event.