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Take a Dive With the Oceanic+ App for Apple Watch Ultra

November 28, 2022

First announced along with the Apple Watch Ultra in September, the Oceanic+ app is now available.

Dive Planning and Post-Dive Information

Dive Planning and Post-Dive Information

The app can turn Apple’s top-of-the-line wearable device into a full-fledged dive computer for recreational scuba divers.

To begin, in the dive planner, you can set surface time, depth, and gas. The app will calculate the no-decompression time, a time limit for a diver at a certain depth. It also makes use of information like dive conditions like tides, water temperature, and information from the community including visibility and currents.

After the dive, you’ll automatically see GPS entry and exit locations along with a summary of the device profile on the watch screen. On the iPhone version, you can also see a map of entry and exit locations and other data like depth graphs and temperature ascent rate. That data can also be shared with others.

While on the dive, haptic feedback can provide different notifications, even through a thick wetsuit.

Apple Watch Ultra is certified to WR100 and EN 13319, an internationally recognized standard for dive accessories, including depth gauges. You can also customize the Apple Watch Ultra’s Action button to launch the Oceanic+ predive screen. While underwater, the Action button will mark a compass bearing.

There are also a number of watch face complications you can add from the app. Some of this include no-fly time, quick access to the dive planner, and dive settings.

You can download the Oceanic+ app now on the App Store for free. You’ll need an Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone 8 or later.

The basic version offers a number of common device functions including depth and time along with logging most recent dives.

For access to more advanced features including decompression tracking, tissue loading, a location planner, and unlimited logbook capacity, you’ll need a subscription. That’s $9.99 per month or $79.99 yearly.

There is also Family Sharing option for $129 per year. That allows the full app to be used by up to five people.

Download the app

Oceanic+ Dive Computer App
Oceanic+ Dive Computer App
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