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The Makers of Botanicula Tease Another Adorable Puzzler

The makers of Machinarium and Botanicula showed off their next game at GDC.
Credit: Amanita Design
Pocket Gaming
March 4, 2017

Amanita Design, a game developer based in the Czech Republic, has made some pretty fantastic titles (Machinarium, Botanicula, Samarost), and they’re headed back to the puzzle genre with Chuchel. The developer took a moment to show off the upcoming title to App Advice’s Trevor Sheridan at the Game Developers Conference this past week in San Francisco.

Chuchel is a puzzle game that emphasizes exploration. You can tap on items to see possible actions, and when pick one, you can watch to see if it gets you closer to a solution. You’ll need to figure out what order to perform these actions in order to fully solve each environmental puzzle. 

Like other Amanita games, Chuchel has a ton of animations that don’t solve the puzzle at hand, but keep you enthralled with their charming whimsy.

If you feel like exploring a delightful world to help Chuckle solve the puzzles and get the cherry, you’ll need to work around a great number of wacky characters who try to prevent this from happening, directly and indirectly.

No word on release date, yet, as Chuchel is still in development. Mostly, the devs said, the game needs more levels, as the animations and basic programming are already in place.

While the art design may look familiar to fans of their other games, the devs told Trevor that Chuchel is a new team within the larger company, so expect a few surprises.