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The MEEM Memory Cable Automatically Backs Up an iPhone When Charging

A 32GB version can be preordered now
June 2, 2016

While iCloud is definitely a quick and easy way to backup your personal information, the free 5GB offered by Apple quickly fills up under most circumstances. If you’re looking for a different way to backup an iPhone, take a look at the new MEEM Memory Cable.

Simple backup

Simple backup

The premises behind the device is simple and combines a charging cable and flash drive.

After setting up the device for the first time, it will automatically back up each time you plug an iPhone in. With any iPhone running iOS 7 or later, it will backup photos, videos, calendar information, and contacts.

Using the companion app, you can set a protective passcode and access the data.

If you ever lose your handset or upgrade to a new iPhone, the cable can also be used to transfer data from the old device.

Preorder now

Preorder now

The cable can be preordered now from the company’s site for $69.99. It will be available to purchase at later this month.

Definitely keep a lookout here at AppAdvice as we’re hoping to have a review soon. While it’s obviously not for everyone, being able to provide another outlet to backup important information is always handy.