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The Tech Media Minute: Twitter's security concerns, WWDC and E3

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June 10, 2016

On this final weekday before the start of WWDC, we highlight a possible data breach at Twitter. Also making news: Time Warner Cable’s terrible customer service. Enjoy your Friday, June 10.

3 Stories/30 Seconds

3 Stories/30 Seconds

3 Stories/30 Seconds

Twitter locking some accounts over hacking worries

In a proactive move, Twitter has locked up to 33 million usernames and passwords on the social network due to a possible security leak. Those users are now being contacted via email.

According to a posting on the Twitter blog:

“The purported Twitter @names and passwords may have been amassed from combining information from other recent breaches, malware on victim machines that are stealing passwords for all sites, or a combination of both. Regardless of origin, we’re acting swiftly to protect your Twitter account.”

A good rule of thumb: Change your Twitter password, even if you didn’t receive an email from the company.

TWC service sucked

New York State is going after Time Warner Cable (TWC) over “abysmal” Internet speeds, according to Ars Technica.

In a letter to Charter CEO Tom Rutledge, Tim Wu, NY Senior Enforcement notes that:

“We recently called on New York customers of major broadband providers to use open-source tools to test the Internet speeds they were experiencing. The results we received from Time Warner Cable customers were abysmal. Not only did Time Warner Cable fail to achieve the speeds its customers were promised and paid for (which Time Warner Cable blamed on the testing method), it generally performed worse in this regard than other New York broadband providers.”

The New York Attorney General’s office hopes to see major service improvements for TWC customers now that Charter’s $79 billion acquisition of TWC has been completed.

WWDC, tick tock

We’re just three days away from the start of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, California. The four-day event kicks off with the annual keynote address on Monday, June 13 at 10 a.m. PDT.

Here are the latest predictions:

The 4 Biggest Announcements Apple Is About to Make, Time
What to expect at Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote, Quartz

Trending/15 Seconds

Trending/15 Seconds

Twitter Trending/15 Seconds

People are trying to figure out the #TrumpSecretServiceCodeName on this Friday morning. Among the guesses: Baby hands, blow dry, and Voldermort.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton go head-to-head in this year’s presidential contest.

Other trends:

Today/15 Seconds

Today/15 Seconds

Today/15 Seconds

Today, June 10 is Iced Tea Day. Tomorrow is National Corn on the Cob Day, while Sunday is Red Rose Day.

E3 press conferences commence on June 12 from Los Angeles, Calfornia. The E3 Conference begins on June 15.

Looking backward: Dutch colonists settled on Manhattan Island on this day in 1610. In 1753 on this date, Benjamin Franklin flew a kite in a lightening storm and discovered electricity.

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Extra Minutes

Extra Minutes

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