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The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales Storms onto the App Store

October 27, 2023

Walkers are coming, once again. The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales has just arrived with a new take on the iconic comic series.

The game provides a puzzle-based combat experience that can help you build a thriving camp of survivors.

Anyone match 3 fan should be right at home when playing. Each of the battles unfold in match 3 style where you’ll need to connect rows and blocks of the same color to deal a blow to the Walkers.

While playing, you’ll need to collect energy to unleash character abilities and wield classic weapons from the series to take home a victory. Outside battle, you can also craft weapons for a tactical advantage.

To improve your camp, you can construct and upgrade various facilities. Those can unlock new survivors and other upgrades.

In the game, you can also see new illustrations in the signature comic book art approved by the original creators. Along with full voice acting, you can enjoy both familiar scenes and new tales.

Special challenges arrive daily and weekly so you can always come back to something news. There is also a multiplayer feature with PvP raids or teaming up with others to battle difficult and limited-time bosses.

The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales is a free download on the App Store. It’s for the iPhone and all iPad models.

Like other similar games, there are in-app purchases available.

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The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales
The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales
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