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Thor: War of Tapnarok - A Complete Guide

January 31, 2019

Here’s a three-word guide for Thor: War of Tapnarok, just in case you’re in a rush: Tap the screen.

That covers the basics because Appxplore’s Nordic adventure is a cookie clicker, the simplest, purest, and most addictive genre on the block.

Of course, as with any cookie clicker, blind tapping will only get you so far. You also need to ensure that you plow the currency you earn by tapping into unlocking and leveling up your skills, your allies, and the mighty Thor himself.

Here’s a brief overview of how all that stuff works.



As previously indicated, nothing could be simpler than combat in Thor: War of Tapnarok. Enemies appear one after the other on the screen and you tap on them to whittle their health down to zero.

But there are two things you can do other than purely tapping.

One is to unleash a skill, which you do by tapping on the Skill tab on the lower-left of the screen and picking the rechargeable skill you want to bust out.

And two only applies to bosses. During boss battles, a target intermittently appears somewhere on the monster’s body indicating a weak spot. Tap that to hack a huge chunk of health off your hapless foe.

Bosses are also the only enemies that can beat you in Thor: War of Tapnarok. You have 30 seconds to reduce a boss to ashes. If you don’t manage it in that time – and if the boss is a lower level than your player – you return to bashing ordinary baddies until you feel you’re ready to take on the boss again, which you do by tapping the Fight Boss button on the top-right.



There are three currencies in Thor: War of Tapnarok. The most abundant by far is gold coins. These pour out of your enemies like shiny yellow guts as you hack them to death, and you spend them on unlocking allies, unlocking skills, and levelling up everything.

Then there are runes. You can spend runes on permanent buffs such as Idun’s Bronze Apple, which increases damage and gold collection, and the Yellow Rattle, which increases damage and weak point damage.

Once you’ve unlocked one of these rune buffs you can level it up with more runes, and you can break down buffs to reinvest the runes in something else.

Finally, there are gems. These let you buy one-off powers and perks such as Mimir’s Well, which costs 124 gems and gives you 26 runes, Protection of Svalinn, which costs 50 gems and protects your allies for 24 hours, and Helm of Awe, which costs 75 gems and removes a creature per stage until the next time you Time Travel.

Gems and runes come along in small numbers through combat, but to really net a lot of runes you need to travel back in time. More about that later.



Thor is your primary combatant. When you tap, it’s Thor’s hammer you’re wielding. You can level Thor up by tapping on the Thor tab and then the Level Up button. The cost of leveling up increases with each level – but so too does the amount of gold you glean from the battlefield, so it all works out.



In the same tab you’ll find a list of Thor’s skills. These include Fury at My Side, which creates a storm wolf (yikes!), and Wrath of Thor, which temporarily increases tap damage by 25%. There are many more, and all of them have cooldowns.

Each skill only becomes available as Thor reaches the required level, and all skills can be leveled up, just like Thor and his allies.



These can be found, sensibly enough, behind the Ally tab. There are 20 allies to unlock, plus Odin if you reach the pinnacle of the game. Each ally becomes available when you hit a certain DPS (damage per second).

The beauty of allies is that they exponentially increase the amount of damage you can inflict – Thor and the collective allies have their own DPS levels – and they also allow you to take a break from tapping while still making progress through the game.

Each ally has its own range of eight unlockable skills, which become available at levels 10. 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, and 1000. These skills mostly increase either that ally’s or all allies’ tap damage, but at different rates, so it pays to focus on the most profitable upgrades (although let’s face it, you’ll be fine if you just spread the upgrades around randomly too).

Some skills increase the amount of gold dropped. Just tap on an ally in the Ally tab to see its upgrade tree.

Time Traveling

Time Traveling

Eventually, even the most quick-fingered tapper will struggle. However much you level up your allies and skills, the bosses will grow too tough and your progress will grind to a halt.

This is where time traveling comes in. Once you get Thor up to level 400 you can choose to reset your progress in terms of allies, levels, and skills, while hanging onto your runes, gems, and treasures.

In exchange, you’ll receive a massive wedge of runes based on your ally level, the number of stages you’ve completed, and the size of your team – giving you an incentive to hang on before hopping in your DeLorean.

You can then spend these runes on permanent buffs to expedite your progress next time around. It’s a short term pain for long term gain type deal, and if you keep doing it you’ll be able to fly through the game like an avenging Valkyrie.

Good luck!

You can download the game now on the App Store or Google Play right now and grab this fun clicker.