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Tile Launches Two New Bluetooth Trackers, Sport and Style

August 8, 2017

The best Bluetooth tracker is getting even better. Tile has just unveiled a pair of new devices, Tile Sport and Tile Style, as part of the new Pro Series.

Just like Tile Sport, Tile Style is waterproof.

Just like Tile Sport, Tile Style is waterproof.

Both of the new trackers now offer a Bluetooth range of up to 200 feet – twice the range of the previous Slim and and Mate. The ringer which alerts you to the location of the object, it also twice as loud on the Sport and Style.

The new trackers are also completely waterproof.

While both models offer the same features, the Sport features a unique tread-like design and dark finish with a durable graphite ring. Living up to its name, the Style is satin white with a ridged texture and gold accents that’s designed to be placed with valuable items like a purse.

Along with new hardware, the companion app has also been updated. Some new features include volume control and eight different ringtones to personalize each tracker. It will also show a redesigned proximity meter to help users find their items.

Voice assistants Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant can also be used to help track down the location of a Tile.

You can purchase the Tile Sport and Tile Style now for $34.99 each. A two-pack of either variety is $59.99.