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Trivia App Skilli World is a Hit, and it’s Giving Away $15,000 to Celebrate

February 3, 2020

Skilli World is giving away $15,000 this February in a series of free tournaments. After a successful few months, Skilli hopes to reward its existing user base while also attracting new players with the promise of big prizes.

In case you haven’t played it yet, Skilli World is a trivia app that’s set in a distant, tropical, Caribbean outpost in deep space. Just go with it.

The game sees players visiting space huts and taking part in various different themed quizzes, with topics ranging from history and science to Harry Potter and Marvel vs DC. There’s something for everyone.

Contests – called Daily Mastermind Tournaments, or DMTs – take place every day at 9:30pm EST, and each one consists of just five questions. Every answer, meanwhile, is either “true” or “false”. It’s a simple, accessible concept that guarantees decent odds of victory.

If you get a question wrong, you can keep your attempt alive with a SkillUP – a free extra life. And if you make it all the way you’ll win a share of the prize pot.

Unusually, Skilli World places limits on the number of players in a DMT. This means that each winner is in line for a bigger share of the pot, making Skilli World a far more worthwhile prospect than the vast majority of its rivals.

Another unusual thing about Skilli World is the way it handles extra lives. While most trivia apps charge for them, preying on the desperation of players who’ve made it through a couple of questions and can’t face losing their progress, Skilli World gives you a SkillUP for free once you register. You can earn more for free by sharing your referral code with friends and family too.

Instead of monetizing lives, the app monetizes participation. It costs money to enter and DMT, so you can decide at the outset whether a topic is for you and enjoy a clean contest if you choose to enter.

And throughout February, you’ll have a number of opportunities to enter a DMT totally free of charge. There’s $15,000 up for grabs, so go get your share.

Download Skilli World for free right now on the App Store. It’s also available via Android on the Samsung Galaxy Store or