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Try Apple Maps in your Web browser with Fruity Maps

The proof-of-concept Web app shows how Apple's Maps application could indeed work inside of its own Web interface
Apple's Software
April 19, 2016

Fruity Maps is an interesting proof-of-concept Web application that allows anyone to run a version of Apple Maps inside of a Web browser. You can access the Web app right now by clicking this link, and as it stands, the app itself works pretty darn well.

Apple could be opening MapKit as a Web API soon.

The development of Fruity Maps comes not long after word of Apple's potential development of Apple Maps for the Web: through opening MapKit as a Web API, we had heard that Apple Maps could soon reach a browser near you. And now, one smart developer has gone and done just that.

Tim Broddin is the developer we're talking about: his Fruity Maps can indeed be accessed right now, and showcases how Apple Maps might look in a Web browser. In terms of functionality, Fruity Maps is unapologetically minimalistic: it lets users navigate to their current location, but it doesn't feature search, points of interest, pins, or anything else you might expect from a Web-based mapping application.

There, Broddin writes:

Fruity Maps is a proof of concept of using the unpublished Apple Maps API in your browser. I'll add some neat stuff soon.

As 9to5mac explains, we're unsure how long Fruity Maps is going to be up and running for, so it's worth checking out while you can. It could be Apple is already targeting the Web app for a takedown, and as such we'd advise anyone interested to act fast.

You can visit Fruity Maps by clicking this link.