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TV app

The TV App Just Hit the iOS App Store - But There's a Catch

The public release of iOS 10.2 seems to be imminent
Apple's Software
December 9, 2016

Apple seems to be close to releasing iOS 10.2 to the general public. The newest sign of the software’s imminent release is that the TV app has just arrived on the iOS App Store.

A number of new features

A number of new features
Anyone not running the beta version of iOS 10.2 can see the TV app but can't download it.

Anyone not running the beta version of iOS 10.2 can see the TV app but can't download it.

Anyone with iOS 10 installed on their iPhone or iPad can see the app. But only users with the iOS 10.2 beta can actually download the app. For everyone else the “Get” button is grayed out and can’t be selected.

Earlier this week, Apple released the seventh beta version of the software to registered developers. If you’re interested, Apple’s Public Beta Program also allows any iOS device users to try out unreleased versions of software for free.

The TV app serves as a way to unify your TV watching experience. It allows you to see all the shows and movies you’re watching, find upcoming episodes, and get personalized recommendations on what to watch next. It will also be part of the tvOS 10.1 update that should be officially released at the same time.

Starting with iOS 10, all of Apple’s stock apps can be deleted from your iOS device. If needed, the apps can be downloaded and installed again from the App Store.

Taking place of the ubiquitous Videos app, TV ties in with the single sign-on feature that recently went live and has already added new pay TV apps and TV providers. With single sign-on, you enter cable or satellite credentials in one place and access all of the available apps in the subscription package.