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Twitter Officially Supports Tweetstorms with its New Threads Feature

Digital Communicator
December 12, 2017

After officially doubling the maximum character count per tweet, Twitter is giving users another feature to help voice their opinion. The new Threads feature allows users to tie together a number of tweets to tell a story, or just offer their extended thoughts on a subject.

Here's how the Threads feature will work.

Here's how the Threads feature will work.

Users have long been able to unofficially go on long rants, also known as tweetstorms. But this makes the practice official.

To create a thread, you’ll just need to select the plus button in the composer view to connect the thoughts and public the threaded tweets at the same time. You can also go back later and add more tweets to the thread.

Threaded tweets will carry a “Show this threads” label.

The change, according to Twitter, will be rolling out to the Twitter site and iOS app in the coming weeks. Third-party Twitter clients, like Tweetbot, will have to be updated to support Threads.