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Share locations with businesses in Twitter direct messages

Twitter Direct Messages Now Support Sharing Locations With Businesses

To make ordering food and making reservations, among others, quick and easy
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April 4, 2017

Over the past couple of weeks, Google and Facebook released updates to Google Maps and Messenger, respectively, that enabled users to share their locations with one another in real time. Now, it’s Twitter’s turn to come out with a new location sharing feature in its mobile app — except this time, the location sharing happens between businesses and customers in Twitter direct messages.

For many businesses, delivering a great customer experience depends on understanding location for context — whether to engage with a location-aware bot or to get better customer service.

- Twitter

Location sharing between businesses and customers can go a long way toward helping businesses provide satisfactory customer service and helping customers provide businesses with more precise local context, particularly when brick-and-mortar operations are concerned.

Share locations with businesses

Of course, where location sharing is involved, there’s always the pressing question of privacy. In that regard, Twitter says that customers have complete control over the location information that’s shared with businesses in Twitter direct messages.

In a conversation between you as a customer and a business support representative or bot, the business must first ask you to share a location. You can then choose to ignore the request, share your current location, or pick a place from a list (no matter if you’re actually there or not).

For example, the casual dining chain TGI Fridays is one of the first businesses to take advantage of location sharing in Twitter direct messages. In its case, it uses location sharing to enable customers to find local stores from which to place their orders or make their reservations.

Location sharing joins welcome messages, quick replies, and customer feedback cards in the list of features that businesses can harness in Twitter direct messages.

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