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Ultra-portable MercuryBox Bluetooth speaker sounds good

It's small and lightweight but packs a lot of sound.
Credit: Inateck
April 12, 2016

If you’re looking for a portable speaker, take a look at the reasonably priced and flexible MercuryBox Bluetooth Speaker. It’s water-resistant, has a long-lasting rechargeable battery, allows you to take phone calls, and can be used with the included audio cable if you prefer not to use it wirelessly.

The Facts

The Facts

The Facts
MercuryBox Speaker
any iOS device
Black, Silver
April 12, 2016
What I liked

What I liked

What I liked

This is a speaker that gives you a lot of options. You can use it wirelessly with any Bluetooth-enabled device. I set up the connection with my iPhone easily. If you prefer to use it with an audio cable, one is included with the speaker for your convenience.

If you get a call while you’re listening to music, simply press the multi-function button to pick it up. The MercuryBox acts as a speakerphone.

Inateck claims that the MercuryBox is waterproof and weatherproof. I didn’t take it to the beach, or out in the snow, or into the shower to test out those claims, but it appears to be well-sealed from the elements.

This is a lightweight speaker that easily fits into a bag or a roomy pocket. It comes with a hand strap that you can attach if you wish. The battery is long-lasting, with up to 15 hours of listening time. The USB charging cable is included in the box.

What I didn't like

What I didn't like

What I didn't like

While overall the sound is quite good, and it goes surprisingly loud, at very high volume it gets a bit tinny. I don’t have any other complaints about it, but for loud music lovers, that might be a deal-breaker.


While the MercuryBox speaker may not be the best choice for people who like to listen to deafening music, it has a lot to offer for the casual music listener. Its overall quality, portability, flexibility, features, and price make it a solid option. You can buy the MercuryBox speaker on Amazon in Black or Silver for $39.99.

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